System Tunning

SYSTEM TUNING – Is the single most important before delivering the vehicle to the client. During this process, we take baseline measurements using a calibrated directional microphone and RTA software. This measurement gives us insight on the vehicles sound environment.  Shows what area of the system we can make Acoustic improvements to obtain the best possible sound.


When tuning the vehicle, we have a tech actually sit in the vehicle during the process so we can match the seating position, crossovers and time alignment perfect within the DSP. Gives us an extra set of ears for properly tweaking the system overall sound.  We run several sweeps of each speaker driver using pink noise tracks to provide the data to plug into the RTA software. This process continues until we get close to the response on our house curve.


After the process is finished for each driver, then we RTA them in pairs and level match the sound system. Then finishing up by RTA all the drivers for the system.


Now that the technical side is complete, we turn to use our ears and sound quality test disc tracks and clients music to test the system. Testing the phase and frequency response of the system. Listening to singers voices and instrument location making sure phase is correct. After everything checks out and we and clients are satisfied with the sound. The entire process is complete.



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